Bingo Party Review: Is Bingo Party Legit?

Bingo phone games, especially free games, are a fun way to pass your free time and stay sharp. But with so many legit bingo apps to choose from, how do find the games that are best suited for you?

Bingo Party is a favorite for many as it has multiple boards, is easy to play, and has an engaging layout. You can play for free, make in-game purchases to unlock extra features, and participate in live multiplayer tournaments.

I share my gaming experience in this Bingo Party review to show you how to play this game and help you decide if it’s worth your time.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Bingo Party?
  2. Can You Win Real Money on Bingo Party?
  3. Who Should Play Bingo Party?
  4. How Does Bingo Party Work?
    1. Classic Bingo or Blackout Bingo
    2. Entry Fee
    3. Themed Game Boards
    4. Multiple Bingo Cards
    5. Experience Levels
    6. Puzzle Pieces
    7. Powerups
  5. How Much Does Bingo Party Cost?
    1. Daily Bonus
    2. Frozen Games and App Crashes
  6. Bingo Party Tips and Tricks
  7. Bingo Party Pros and Cons
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  8. Alternatives to Bingo Party
    1. Blackout Bingo
    2. Bingo Cash
    3. Bingo Clash
  9. FAQs
  10. Is Bingo Party Worth It?

What Is Bingo Party?

bingo party landing page

Bingo Party is a bingo app available for Google Play and Apple Store. It’s produced by Avidly Games, which has helped publish over 120 games worldwide and specializes in what it calls social casino games

It’s an independent network, not part of the Skillz network, like many games that pay money. However, this game can be a fun hobby if you’re not loyal to Skillz. Typically, some gamers concentrate their efforts on Skillz games to earn tickets to redeem for prizes. 

You can play for free or make optional in-app purchases that may help you win. However, there are no cash tournaments or real-world prizes, so there isn’t as much incentive to spend money. 

I’ve spent a few hours testing this app and can attest that the gameplay is somewhat addicting. I appreciate the variety of most bingo apps as you compete directly against other players instead of having a time limit. The powerup varieties are also a little different.

You unlock game boards as you reach higher experience levels, and the developers continually make new ones. The app layout is like an adventure game, as you can transport between unlocked boards where the gameplay rules vary. 

A unique feature of this app is that some boards follow classic bingo rules, where your goal is to daub an entire row or column to claim a prize. But, the advanced boards may observe the blackout bingo rules where you need to daub each square on your bingo card to place.  

Can You Win Real Money on Bingo Party?

Let’s settle one of the most critical questions in this Bingo Party review. You cannot win money or real-world prizes on this game, even if you make in-game purchases. 

However, the game is still highly entertaining and offers more variety than standard games. Here’s a list of bingo games that pay money.

Who Should Play Bingo Party?

This game is intended for users at least 18 years old, as it allows in-game purchases and is a casino game. Since you can’t win cash prizes or merchandise, it’s best for free bingo rounds with dynamic themes and a good variety of rules.

How Does Bingo Party Work?

Unlike a number of free bingo games, which tend to adopt the blackout bingo rules striving to daub every square before time runs out, Bingo Party uses the classic bingo rules and blackout bingo rules. The regulations and gaming experience vary by game room.  

There is a brief tutorial, but the app lacks many educational materials that cash-prize bingo apps offer. For example, most competing games have a lengthy FAQ section to answer your various questions. That’s not really the case here, but you can tap information bubbles on the screen. 

Another difference with Bingo Party is that you hold your device horizontally instead of vertically. This layout allows more cards to show on your screen.

Classic Bingo or Blackout Bingo

On classic bingo boards, the first three boards I unlocked, you recoup your entry fee by getting one bingo by daubing a horizontal row, vertical column, or the four corners.

An advanced board I played (Crazy Drops) used the blackout bingo rules where you need to daub each square to win. As you’re not competing against a timer and each player has different bingo cards, the scoring and game length are different. 

The number of bingos per round depends on the number of players and cards. Typically, there are approximately 80 players and 40 bingos. Each round ends after the preset number of bingos are claimed. 

When you get a bingo, your card says something like “12th Bingo” or “38th Bingo,” so you can see how many players finished ahead of you and how many remain.

Entry Fee

You don’t need to pay real money to play unless you run out of virtual tickets. It’s possible if you play a lot on the same day and don’t get many bingos. 

The entry fee depends on the number of cards you play and your experience level. It gets more expensive to play as your skill level increases. For instance, the entry fee for one board is 30 tickets per card.

Getting a bingo reimburses your entry fee for a particular card. Getting one of the first bingos lets you earn bonus rewards.

Themed Game Boards

bingo party themed game boards

Several casino games utilize different themes and backgrounds to keep the gaming experience fresh. Some of the game board examples include:

  • Candy Crush
  • Hawaii
  • London
  • Pac-Man
  • Paris
  • Venice

The boards named after cities are the primary board, but you can unlock sub-boards for select cities by completing a puzzle first instead of moving on to the next room. 

For example, Venice has a Shylock the Miser board (based on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice), and London has a Jack the Ripper bonus room.

Multiple Bingo Cards

bingo party multiple bingo cards

The game lets you play 1, 2, 4, or 8 bingo cards per round. Beginners can only play up to four cards simultaneously, but you must join the Elite program to play eight at a time. It costs money to have Elite status. 

Usually, I’m hesitant to play multiple cards, but the game layout and features make it easy to play two or four cards, as they are all visible simultaneously. Some apps may require you to shuffle between cards constantly.

Additionally, if you miss a called number, the app usually makes it blink, giving you a second chance to daub. If you miss a number, the game shows your missed numbers once the time expires. 

Experience Levels

There are two ways to unlock advanced bingo rooms. You earn experience points by tapping squares for the called numbers. The loyalty program is similar to most phone games, and playing often helps you gain more experience points to climb the ranks quickly. 

Puzzle Pieces

You will also need to collect puzzle pieces to complete a game room. First and foremost, you must play multiple cards, as single-card games are ineligible. 

One of your cards will be a puzzle card, and you unlock a piece if it gets a bingo. You won’t unlock a piece if your standard card gets a bingo instead. While it’s less likely, both or all of your cards can score bingos too.  

Once you unlock a puzzle, there is minimal incentive to keep playing in that room. In addition to my own experience, other player reviews seem to confirm that you rarely get a bingo once you max out a room. Perhaps it’s a hidden way to encourage you to reach a higher level.


Tapping bingo squares inches you closer to unlocking powerups such as double points, bonus tickets to cover entry fees or free squares. There is some strategy to tapping the squares to earn more rewards, but the app randomly assigns which open squares receive the bonuses.

With blackout bingo apps, you may be able to select which numbers to call early so you get bingo sooner. That’s not the case with Bingo Party, as the powerup effectiveness is more randomized. 

One way to earn powerups more frequently is with in-game purchases. 

How Much Does Bingo Party Cost?

You can play Bingo Party for free, but there are optional in-game purchases that help you receive bonus tickets, gems, and power-ups that can help you play more games and potentially get a bingo sooner or more frequently.

Several long-time players also mention that you must pay money to unlock the advanced game board, which requires more tickets. After a while, the tickets you earn by daubing numbers won’t replace your entry fee soon enough. 

For example, you might pay $9.99 for 1,000 new tickets or $11.99 for Elite League membership. Since you can’t win real money, there is minimal incentive to spend money. If you do, consider waiting for limited-time offers for discount pricing.

Daily Bonus

bingo party daily bonus

Before spending money, look for the Daily Bonus icon for free in-game currency to help you play more free rounds before paying with a credit card or PayPal.

Frozen Games and App Crashes

Unfortunately, Bingo Party can sometimes be glitchy and may not load properly. If this undesirable situation occurs mid-round, the app reimburses your entry fee when you restart.

In other situations, you must close and re-open the app to navigate the game rooms or join a board. Other apps tend to be less glitchy, and other users report a similar experience.

Bingo Party Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to play Bingo Party, and the primary tip for success is to tap your square as soon as it’s called, so you can earn more rewards and be more likely to get a bingo before your competition. 

Here are a few other success tips:

  • Activate power-ups: Power-ups become available when the meter makes a full circle. Tapping activates it and lets you start working toward your next one. There is also a toggle switch to turn it on automatically.
  • Blinking squares: Select boards will start blinking squares for called numbers you missed. Tap them, and you can still earn points and inch closer to bingo.
  • Move to different boards: Once you unlock advanced boards and collect all the puzzle pieces, switch to new rooms where you can keep the earning momentum going.
  • Multi-card layout: Turn on the multi-card format to easily see your cards on the same screen.

Bingo Party Pros and Cons

Here are the upsides and downsides of playing bingo on your phone or tablet with this app.


  • Free to play
  • Multiple board themes and rules
  • Easy to play multiple cards
  • Compete in live multiplayer tournaments
  • Ad-free experiences


  • Can’t win money
  • Some features require in-app purchases
  • Occasional glitches and app freezes
  • Must get a bingo to win rewards

Alternatives to Bingo Party

Bingo Party is a fun app, but these alternatives can be better if you want the opportunity to win money or access to different gameplay styles. These various games follow the blackout bingo rules.

Blackout Bingo

As its name implies, Blackout Bingo challenges you to fill each square before time runs out. You also earn bonus points for each bingo you receive.

You can play in free practice rounds, and cash tournaments are available in most states. Additionally, you earn Skillz tickets in free competitions that can be redeemed for real-world rewards. Learn more about Blackout Bingo.

Learn More About Blackout Bingo

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash offers unlimited free practice rounds and cash tournaments. You can collect daily rewards that increase in value on each consecutive day.  

There are no in-game ads, and there are several boosters that add excitement to the bingo rounds. The layout also makes this game easy to play and compete against the clock. For more information, check out our Bingo Cash review.

Learn More About Bingo Cash

Bingo Clash

Free practice rounds and cash tournaments are available on Bingo Clash. There are daily bonuses, and you can earn bonus points by completing a game card early or with quick daubs.

Unfortunately, a $10 redemption minimum is high for a gaming app. This high redemption makes this a good choice for those who can win consistently in paid matches. Learn more about Bingo Clash.

Learn More About Bingo Clash


Can you really win money on the Bingo Party app?

No. While Bingo Party is a fun and entertaining bingo-style game, you cannot win any real money for playing.

What bingo games pay real money?

Several Bingo games will pay you real money to play. Some of the most popular games that pay money include Blackout Bingo, Bingo Cash, and Bingo Clash.

Are online bingo sites safe?

Unfortunately, there are many shady gaming apps online, including online bingo games. But the games that we cover here at WalletHacks are all legit bingo games that have generated thousands of positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play. Of course, always use caution before signing up for any online gaming app.

Learn More About Bingo Party

Is Bingo Party Worth It?

If you’re a fan of bingo-style online games and aren’t trying to win money, then Bingo Party is definitely worth playing. The app offers a diverse set of games that help players avoid repetitiveness and boredom.

There are plenty of different board themes and rules, and you can easily play multiple cards and participate in live multiplayer tournaments. That said, other bingo games are better for in-game purchases and competing in cash tournaments.

Bingo Party


  • Free to play
  • Multiple board themes and rules
  • Easy to play multiple cards
  • Compete in live multiplayer tournaments
  • Ad-free experiences


  • Can’t win money
  • Some features require in-app purchases
  • Occasional glitches and app freezes
  • Must get a bingo to win rewards

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