9 Apps Like MoneyLion 

MoneyLion is one of the most popular finance apps for securing cash advances. You can access extra funds on short notice, which can then be repaid by the time your next paycheck arrives. MoneyLion has also expanded its product menu beyond just being a cash advance app, and now offers services such as credit cards, … Read more

What is an Interval Fund?

I was poking around the Bogleheads forum when I discovered this thread about an interval fund. I’ve heard of all kinds of funds, but this is the first time I’ve heard about interval funds. Regarding funds, I’m pretty much an index mutual fund or index exchange-traded fund (ETF). They’re all at Vanguard, though I think … Read more

Lili Review 2024: Free Small Business Banking and More

Lili Product Name: Lili Business Bank Account Product Description: Lili is a fintech company that provides small business banking solutions through a partnership with Choice Financial Group. They’ve been in business since 2018 and are based out of New York. Summary Lili offers a free small business bank account (Lili Basic) with no minimums and … Read more

Twigby Review: Key Features, Plans, and Pricing

Twigby Review Product Description: Twigby is a cell phone carrier that provides affordable and customizable data plans. Summary Twigby is a cell phone carrier that provides affordable and customizable data plans. It operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), meaning it buys space on a large national network rather than running on its own … Read more

NorthOne Business Banking Review: Low Fees for Business Owners

NorthOne Product Name: NorthOne Product Description: NorthOne is a fintech for small businesses that offers low-fee deposit accounts and integration with accounting software. Summary NorthOne has a long list of features that can make the financial management of your business easier — so you can focus on growing your business. These include bill pay services, … Read more