Bingo Cash Review: Is it Legit and Can You Win Real Money?

Bingo games that pay cash are a fun way to make a little extra money, as each match is fast-paced and easy to learn. At the same time, bingo apps offer boosters that can help you gain an edge on the competition by daubing squares before they are called and earning bonus points.

Bingo Cash offers an engaging gaming experience with free practice rounds and cash tournaments. Another notable feature is that the top three scores share the prize pool, making winning money easier.

Our Bingo Cash review looks closely at how you can win money and have fun.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Bingo Cash?
  2. Who Can Play Bingo Cash?
  3. Bingo Cash Pricing
  4. How Does Bingo Cash Work?
    1. Gameplay
    2. Scoring
    3. Boosters
    4. Match Types
    5. Daily Rewards
    6. Cash Redemptions
    7. No Ads
  5. Bingo Cash Pros and Cons
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  6. Is Bingo Cash Worth It?
  7. Bingo Cash Alternatives
    1. Blackout Bingo
    2. Bingo Clash
    3. Solitaire Cash
    4. Pool Payday
  8. Bingo Cash FAQs
  9. Final Thoughts on Bingo Cash

What Is Bingo Cash?

Bingo cash app store screenshot

Bingo Cash is a highly-rated free and pay-to-play bingo app from Papaya Gaming which produces several popular casino games like 21 Cash, Solitaire Cash, and Bubble Cash. It’s available for iOS, Android, and Samsung devices.

This particular game has an average 4.7/5 score with over 5,000 ratings in the Apple Store and ⅘ with over 4,400 ratings at Google Play.

It’s available across the United States and in select countries.

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Who Can Play Bingo Cash?

You must be 18 years old and live in a qualifying state or country to participate in cash tournaments. In addition to the US, cash tournaments are available in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

After creating an account, you can link a funding option such as a debit card or a PayPal account.

Unfortunately, cash prizes are unavailable in these states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • South Carolina

If you’re currently located in one of these states, you may consider other games that pay money if you want to earn cash.

Otherwise, it can still be fun to play free bingo games.

Bingo Cash Pricing

You can play free unlimited cash rounds, but cash-prize tournaments charge a cash entry fee. The average cost is from $1 to $5.

A $1 redemption fee applies when requesting payment, regardless of the withdrawal amount. Unfortunately, this fee is a nuisance as some bingo games waive the fee with a minimum $10 balance.

How Does Bingo Cash Work?

Screenshot of Bingo Clash bingo squares

Start by downloading the Bingo Cash app to your Android, Apple, or Samsung device. It’s free to join, and you can play for free in non-cash rounds without creating an account, but cash tournaments have a real money entry fee. 

All users will start by playing a free introductory practice round to learn how to navigate the bingo card, activate powerups, and claim a bingo.

It’s important to clarify that making money isn’t guaranteed, and you should only contribute what you can afford to lose. 

Now, let’s dive into the in-depth Bingo Cash review to decide if this app is worth your time.


Each round is two minutes, and the three highest scores win a cash prize or in-game credits (gems). Free practice rounds are available across the United States, and cash tournaments are in most states.   

To provide a fair competition, all players see the same bingo card, have the same numbers called, and play against competitors with similar skill levels. The goal is to score as many points as possible by tapping the correct squares quickly and getting multiple bingos. 

Like most gaming apps, speed and accuracy are vital to winning.

Daubing a square sooner instead of later lets you earn more points per tap, and conversely, tapping the wrong square results in a penalty point deduction. You will also earn bonus points when you get a bingo.

While this game primarily focuses on tapping the correct square quickly to earn the most points, it also requires a little strategy to achieve the highest score. 

You must tactically decide when to activate your boosters to daub squares in a row or column where you’re trying to complete a bingo.


Bingo Cash scoring

Your final score consists of these factors:

  • Daubs (Based on how quickly you tap the correct number)
  • Bingo (Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, four corners)
  • Multi Bingos (Getting two or bingos at once)
  • Double Score (Bonus points earned after activating the Double Score booster) 

The middle square is a free number in every match, making getting a bingo a little easier. 

This game doesn’t offer an early completing bonus if you happen to complete your bingo card before the time ends, as other blackout bingo games provide. Filling every square is challenging and unlikely.

You can earn gems (in-game currency) or cash prizes depending on the match type. 


Bingo Cash boosters

In addition to earning points by daubing called numbers, you will receive boosters that can help increase your final score.

There are four different booster types:

  • Bonus Time: Receive ten additional seconds of gameplay
  • Double Score: Earn double points for the next ten seconds
  • Pick-A-Ball: Choose the next ball to be called
  • Wild Daub: Choose any square of your choice

The Wild Daub is the most valuable booster, as you can look at the bingo card to choose which number you want to claim.

The Pick-A-Ball and Double Score boosters require some strategic timing to earn more points. For example, you will want to activate the Double Score booster immediately before daubing a square to guarantee you receive points. Otherwise, it’s possible that you will not daub any squares during the ten-second booster period.

Regarding the Pick-A-Ball boost, you receive a selection of four randomly chosen balls. It’s essential to scan your card, take a mental note of which numbers you need most, and see if they match the available options.

Match Types

Bingo cash prizes

You can either play for fun or real money with Bingo Cash. The top three scores win a tiered payout for every match, and there isn’t a one-on-one competition.

In non-cash games, you compete for “gems,” which can help pay your entry fees for future matches but do not have any real-world value. At least with Blackout Bingo and other games in the Skillz platform, you can redeem your points for physical rewards.

The prize potential varies by tournament type and entry fees. Smaller fees yield smaller payouts, understandably.  

For example, the entry fee for a $5 prize pool can be either $1 or $0.30 plus 120 gems. 

As your skill level increases, you can be eligible for larger prize pools and higher entry fees. You will gain experience points by completing matches. Funding your account can also help you achieve a higher level sooner.

Daily Rewards

screenshot of bingo cash daily rewards feature

You will earn daily rewards by opening the app. The prize varies daily, and you earn more valuable perks by playing on consecutive days.

It’s possible to earn bonus gems and cash which help you qualify for more tourneys.

The app also offers bonuses by watching videos and inviting friends to play.

Cash Redemptions

You can redeem your cash winnings once you reach a $5 minimum balance. 

The withdrawal options include PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, and Mastercard. These account options are similar to how you fund your account.

A $1 withdrawal fee applies to all cash-outs; receiving your money takes 2-14 days. You will also forfeit any bonus cash when you request a withdrawal, so you may consider participating in a tournament to exhaust this balance before cashing out.

No Ads

Unlike some gaming apps, you won’t have to sit through ads between matches which delays your playing time and is also a distraction.

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Bingo Cash Pros and Cons

Based on my experience, here are the pros and cons of using Bingo Cash:


  • The top three scores share the prize pool
  • Fun gaming experience
  • Free practice rounds
  • Low entry fees
  • No in-game ads


  • Cannot redeem in-game points for rewards
  • $1 withdrawal fee
  • Can withdrawals may take up to 14 days to process
  • Forfeit bonus cash when cashing out

Is Bingo Cash Worth It?

Bingo Cash is worth playing if you enjoy fast-paced bingo games and multiplayer tournaments where the top-three finishers earn rewards. You can win money or play for fun with an easy-to-learn game.

Like many of the best bingo games, you will get the most value if you play with real cash to unlock additional benefits.

This game may not be worth it if you want to play for cash but live in a state that doesn’t allow cash tournaments. These states typically prohibit most skill-based games from earning real money, but other games pay real money, or you can consider another side hustle stack to make your free time more productive. 

Bingo Cash Alternatives

In addition to Bingo Cash, there are many other ways you can make money by playing games. These alternatives may have different rules or gameplay options.

Blackout Bingo

If you want to fill every bingo square, you can try Blackout Bingo. The gameplay is similar to Bingo Cash, with quick rounds and in-game boosts. However, you can compete head-to-head or in multiplayer matches.

This game is also part of the Skillz network, which may allow you to redeem your rewards points for non-cash prizes. You can also avoid a withdrawal fee on balances above $10 (a $1.50 transaction fee applies to smaller amounts). Learn more in our Blackout Bingo review.

Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is from AviaGames and has a similar experience as you race against the clock to daub as many squares as possible. You will receive a speed bonus by completing your bingo card, and in-game powerups also help you achieve this task.

Players in participating states can compete for cash and physical merchandise; the minimum redemption is $10. Free practice rounds are also available. For more information, check out our Bingo Clash review.

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is another Papaya Gaming product and is fun to use when you’re in the mood for card games. Free and cash tournaments are available with entry fees and redemption minimums similar to Bingo Cash.

You will follow the Klondike Solitaire rules by uncovering cards in the lower stack and building sequences by suit in the upper pile. Each action earns points, and you also increase your score by submitting your puzzle results before the timer runs out. Check out our Solitaire Cash review for more information.

Pool Payday

Pool Payday provides additional variety as you can play 8-ball pool or in trick-shot tournaments. You only play against another person in real time as you alternate turns, with the winner taking the entire prize.

This game is part of the Skillz network, which allows you to combine your ticket balance from other games to redeem for rewards or entry fee bonus cash. Read our Pool Payday review for more.

Learn more about Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash FAQs

What is the best way to win Bingo Cash?

You will earn the most points by tapping the numbers as soon as they are called and wisely activating your boosters to daub extra squares or gain bonus points.

Speed and skill can make you more likely to get several bingos which can help you place in the top three finishers for each round and win a prize.

Are there Bingo Cash cheat codes?

There is no way to cheat or gain an advantage over your opponent as this bingo game is skills-based instead of being based on luck or chance.

Additionally, Bingo Cash monitors each match to verify that there is no foul play or tampering.

How much does Bingo Cash cost?

Cash tournaments typically have a cash-only redemption fee of $1 to $5.

Some contests also let you pay with gems points or a mixture of points and currency. This game can be 100% free if you don’t want to play for cash and only want to compete in practice rounds that earn points.

How much can you earn?

Your earning potential varies by the prize pool size and whether you place first, second, or third. For instance, the winners of a $5 prize pool may earn $2.90, $1.40, and $0.70, while the bottom four scores don’t earn anything.

Winning is guaranteed as most matches have from five to 15 players, and only the three highest scores win a prize. While you can win money, you won’t get rich playing these games, but it can be a fun way to monetize a hobby.

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Final Thoughts on Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a legit way to win money by playing bingo from your phone. Its entry fees are competitive, and splitting the prize pool between the three best scores makes this an attractive money-making idea. 

You may also prefer this game if you play other games from Papaya Gaming or want an ad-free experience.

Unfortunately, the $1 withdrawal fee on every cash-out and the inability to redeem your rewards points for non-cash rewards will deter casual players. 

Bingo Cash


  • Top three scores share the prize pool
  • Fun gaming experience
  • Free practice rounds
  • Low entry fees
  • No in-game ads


  • Cannot redeem in-game points for rewards
  • $1 withdrawal fee
  • Withdrawals can take up to 14 days
  • Forfeit bonus cash when cashing out

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