50 Best Gifts for $50 and Under

One of the more challenging aspects of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift ideas for our family members, co-workers, and friends. It can be even harder if you’re shopping on a budget.

To aid you in your search and as a follow-up to our 50 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 post, here is our list of the 50 best gifts you can buy for $50 and under.

I’ve organized the list into the following categories, so you can jump to the section that best appeals to each person on your list.

  • Best Electronic Gifts
  • Best Gifts for Around the Home
  • Best Personal Care Gifts
  • Best Food-Related Gifts
  • Best Beverage-Related Gifts
  • Best Gifts for Wellness
  • Most Unique Gifts
  • Best Gifts for Pet Lovers
  • Best Health & Fitness Gifts
  • Best Gifts for Car Lovers

Check out the list to find out if our ideas will work for the people on your gift list. Each gift can be purchased for $50 or less and includes something for everyone.

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Table of Contents
  1. Best Electronics Gifts
    1. 1. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
    2. 2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    3. 3. Lockable Storage Box
    4. 4. Rechargeable Water-Resistant Flashlight
    5. 5. Portable Power Bank
  2. Best Gifts for Around the Home
    1. 6. Portable Home Air Purifier
    2. 7. Multi-Functional Alarm Clock
    3. 8. Interchangeable Welcome Sign
    4. 9. Vinyl Record Drink Coasters
    5. 10. Personalized Wood Key Hook Rack
  3. Best Personal Care Gifts
    1. 11. Premium Scented Candles
    2. 12. Spa Care Package
    3. 13. Sustainable Self-Care Kit
    4. 14. Men’s Skin Care Kit
    5. 15. Clay Mask Set
  4. Best Food-Related Gifts
    1. 16. Bamboo Charcuterie Board
    2. 17. Deluxe Vegetable Chopper
    3. 18. Roasted/Salted Nut Gift Tray
    4. 19. Personalized Cutting Board
    5. 20. Salsa Holiday Gift Set
  5. Best Beverage-Related Gifts
    1. 21. Countertop Wine Rack
    2. 22. Beer-Making Kit
    3. 23. Beverage Chilling Stones
    4. 24. Old Fashioned U.S. Constitution Whiskey Glass
    5. 25. Wireless Wine Aerator
  6. Best Gifts for Wellness
    1. 26. 100% Silk Pillowcase
    2. 27. Inspirational Wall Art
    3. 28. A Good Book
    4. 29. Reflection Journal
    5. 30. White Noise Sound Machine
  7. Most Unique Gifts
    1. 31. Monogrammed Name Sign
    2. 32. Make Your Own Hot Sauce
    3. 33. Custom Message Cookies
    4. 34. Storm Cloud
    5. 35. Grown Your Own Mushroom Kit
  8. Best Gifts for Pet Lovers
    1. 36. Personalized Storybook
    2. 37. Dog Backpack
    3. 38. Personalized Wall Frame Kit
    4. 39. BFF Keychain
    5. 40. Pet Camera
  9. Best Health & Fitness Gifts
    1. 41. Meal Prep Bag
    2. 42. The Best Water Bottle
    3. 43. Weighted Medicine Ball
    4. 44. A Quality Yoga Mat
    5. 45. Ab Roller
  10. Best Gifts for Car Lovers
    1. 46. Car Vacuum Cleaner and Accessories
    2. 47. Car/Trunk Organizer
    3. 48. Portable Mini Fridge
    4. 49. Emergency Road Kit
    5. 50. Car Wash Kit
  11. Final Thoughts

Best Electronics Gifts

1. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This bluetooth wireless microphone by BONAOK can be used as a wireless speaker, recorder, or MP3 player. 

It’s available in over a dozen colors and can be powered wirelessly or wired. 

Best for: The aspiring rock star or the life of the party

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The portable EBODA waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for the shower, kayaking, or anytime you’re near the water.

The speaker also has a night light feature. It’s available in more than a dozen color choices and can handle submersion in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. 

Best for: The music lover on the go

3. Lockable Storage Box

Parents will love the Lockabox One storage lockbox. This clear, lockable storage box is perfect for tucking phones away at night or issuing “time outs” on electronics. 

The box is made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate. Comes with a three-digit combination lock. Choose from four different colors, including clear. Food-grade materials make it safe for food storage as well.

Best for: Parents in need of a safe space to store electronics

4. Rechargeable Water-Resistant Flashlight

The Anker Bolder LC90 is a pocket-sized flashlight that shines bright with 900 lumens. Set to low, high, medium, or strobe. A charge lasts up to six hours.

Great for around the house, in the car, or anywhere you need light. Durable aluminum body. Micro USB cable included.

Best for: Gadget lovers

5. Portable Power Bank

Get the RETMSR portable power bank and charge up to four devices simultaneously. This portable charger comes with three USB-A and one USB-C port.

Lightweight, durable, and works on various devices, including Samsung, iPhone, Google, and Motorola.

Best for: Families on the go

Best Gifts for Around the Home

6. Portable Home Air Purifier

The Aerbyon AP400 air purifier is great for filtering out dander, dust, and toxins in rooms you spend a lot of time in.

It purifies rooms up to 215 square feet, offers 4-stage filtration with a HEPA filter, and has a 3-year warranty. Removes 99.7 of air toxins. 

Best for: Those who want to enjoy fresh, clean air indoors

7. Multi-Functional Alarm Clock

This Hetyre bluetooth alarm clock offers several functions, including a night light, lamp, Bluetooth speaker, and alarm clock. The multi-colored light display and easy-operate touch controls. 

It’s battery-operated and easy to recharge with a USB cable. Connect with your phone and play music anywhere, anytime. 

Best for: Kids and adults who want a fun way to fall asleep/wake up

8. Interchangeable Welcome Sign

This Welcome to Our Home Sign has 21 icons for changing seasons and holidays. Simply replace the “O” in “Home” with the coordinating icon magnet.

The sign features wood construction with twine hanging string. When not in use, place the other magnets on the refrigerator for hanging notes, lists, and more. 

Best for: The gift recipient that appreciates home decor items

9. Vinyl Record Drink Coasters

These retro vinyl record drink coasters are perfect for the music lover on your gift list. The coasters are stored in a makeshift record player for convenience and aesthetic reasons.

The non-slip bottom protects table surfaces and makes for sturdy holds as well. Record titles are cute knockoffs of real album releases. 

Best for: The retro music lover in your life 

10. Personalized Wood Key Hook Rack

Get this personalized wood key rack to add a personal touch to any home. Comes with four key hooks that are easily set in place and two holes on the back for mounting. 

Choose from a host of different designs. 

Best for: The newlywed couple or new homeowners on your gift list

Best Personal Care Gifts

11. Premium Scented Candles

High-quality scented candles like Homesick Premium Scented Candles score head and shoulders above lower-grade candles. 

These natural soy candles come in scents such as Hawaii, Apple Orchard, Autumn Hayride and Beach Cottage. 80-hour operating time.

Best for: The scent-savvy gift recipient 

12. Spa Care Package

This Relaxing spa care package includes a bath bomb, Chamomile soap, cozy socks, a scented candle, and a drink tumbler; everything your gift recipient needs for a calming, wind-down evening. 

Comes in a beautifully designed gift box. Perfect for spa nights or relaxing after a long day.

Best for:  The gift recipient who deserves a relaxing night in

13. Sustainable Self-Care Kit

The Beetlemax Zero Waste Self-Care kit comes with sustainable healthcare tools such as bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo straws, mesh fruit bags, and more.

100% biodegradable, sustainable, BPA-free, durable, and vegan, right down to the gift box.

Best for: The eco-conscious gift recipient

14. Men’s Skin Care Kit

The Viking Revolution Men’s Skin Care Kit includes a foaming cleanser, microdermabrasion facial scrub, moisturizer, and moisturizing eye cream.

Includes natural ingredients such as Argon Oil, Vitamin E, and amino acids.

Best for: The male skincare enthusiast on your list

15. Clay Mask Set

The YLNALO clay mask set includes three types: A Turmeric mask with Vitamin C, a Dead Sea mud mask, and a Himalayan mud mask.

Good for all skin types, is vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free. Great for a once-a-week refreshment for your skin. 

Best for: The all-natural gift recipient

16. Bamboo Charcuterie Board

This wood/bamboo charcuterie board comes with four serving accessories and a non-absorbent surface that won’t hold odors from foods. 

The side compartments are great for holding nuts and other small foods.

Best for: The entertainer on your gift list

17. Deluxe Vegetable Chopper

The Fullstar 9-in-1 Deluxe Vegetable Chopper can dice, spiralize, slice, julienne, and more. It includes a juicing feature and an egg separator too. 

Comes with a catch tray for chopped food and a non-slip base. Top-rack is dishwasher-safe.

Best for: The aspiring or pro cook that wants to make cooking easier. 

18. Roasted/Salted Nut Gift Tray

This roasted/salted nut gift tray by Oh! Nuts contains 1.8 pounds of high-quality, grade-A nuts. You’ll find pecans, pistachios, and more, all seasoned with a variety of flavors.

This particular gift tray is sugar-free. Check the Oh! Nuts store for other gift tray options. 

Best for: The snack “nut” on your gift list 

19. Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is a great gift for moms, dads, grandmas, or anyone who loves to cook for their family. 

Engravable with children/grandchildren’s names as well. Made of high-quality bamboo/wood.

Best for: The doting parent/grandparent who loves spending time in the kitchen

20. Salsa Holiday Gift Set

The SOMOS Sosero holiday gift set contains four SOMOS salsas, including Smoky Chipotle Red and Roasted Tomatillo Jalapeno.

This set includes four serving dishes packed in a colorful gift box.

Best for: The food lover that craves authentic Mexican fare

21. Countertop Wine Rack

This countertop wine rack has space for four bottles of wine, several wine glasses, and space below for corks, wine charms, and more.

Wine bottle holders are slightly tilted for smarter storage. 

Best for: The organized wine connoisseur

22. Beer-Making Kit

The Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit comes in five flavors: Everyday IPA, Bruxelles Blonde, Chestnut Brown Ale, Chocolate Maple Porter, and Jalapeno Saison. 

Makes one gallon of beer. Bottles are not included.

Best for: The creative beer lover

23. Beverage Chilling Stones

These beverage-chilling “whiskey stones” are made of soapstone (a type of metamorphic rock) and do a great job of chilling drinks without watering them down. 

Comes in a set of 9 with a velvet pouch. Store in the freezer and use it whenever the need (or want) arises. 

Best for: The one who loves to enjoy a chilled beverage

24. Old Fashioned U.S. Constitution Whiskey Glass

This classically designed whiskey glass has a complete etching of the U.S. Constitution. Get as many as three for under $50. 

Other available designs from this seller include the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Best for: The patriotic whiskey lover

25. Wireless Wine Aerator

Enjoy the enhanced flavor and bouquet of aerated wine with this wireless, portable wine aerator. It’s easy to use and clean (wipe the outside and run water through the tubes) and has USB charging capabilities. 

The aerator is offered in a variety of colors, and there are accessory options available as well. 

Best for: The ultimate wine connoisseur 

Best Gifts for Wellness

26. 100% Silk Pillowcase

The Zimasilk 100% silk pillowcase is a durable silk pillowcase that will last through extensive uses.

Silk pillowcases help protect and nurture skin and hair. Available in several different color choices. 

Best for: The gift recipient who deserves extra pampering 

27. Inspirational Wall Art

This rustic canvas inspirational wall art piece will help brighten any room. Encourage and motivate your gift recipient every day. 

The classic design fits many different decors. Available in 12×16 or 16×24.

Best for: Making any gift recipient smile every day

28. A Good Book

I’m a big fan of reading books that can help me manage my ultra-busy life better. James Clear’s Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones does just that.

With nearly 90k reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, it’s a book that “clearly” appeals to a large audience.  

Best for: The gift recipient who craves a bit more organization in their life

29. Reflection Journal

The Five Minute Reflection journal is a journal everyone can enjoy. Reflect on your day, be inspired with motivational quotes or weekly challenges, or record the day’s struggles or blessings.  

It features a sturdy, plastic-free design.

Best for: Gift recipients who cherish the written word

30. White Noise Sound Machine

The Marpac Classic White Noise machine features a calming, ambient sound that helps drown out background noises and encourages more restful sleep.

AC plug-in operation. Some units run on batteries. Upgrade for different color choices. 

Best for: The gift recipient who craves a better sleep experience 

Most Unique Gifts

31. Monogrammed Name Sign

This personalized monogrammed name sign is made of metal, made in the U.S.A., and can be at your door in seven business days. 

Perfect for placing on a fireplace mantel or hanging on the wall. 

Best for: The family that is proud of their heritage

32. Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Your gift recipient can make six bottles of their own hot sauces with this customizable hot sauce-making kit from Uncommon Goods

Spices, bottles, labels, and instructions are included. Make the sauces, name them and enjoy them as well. 

Best for: The spicy food connoisseur  

33. Custom Message Cookies

These custom message shortbread cookies are delicious and come with a personalized message. 

Wish your gift recipient well as they head off to a new job or school, announce an engagement or a baby, or share an inspirational message.

Best for: The special cookie lovers in your life

34. Storm Cloud

The specialized liquid inside this glass storm cloud changes patterns as the air pressure changes.

Enjoy the benefits of weather prediction, or simply enjoy the cuteness. 

Best for: The office dweller that could use some fun decor  

35. Grown Your Own Mushroom Kit

The mushroom lover on your gift list will love this log kit that helps you grow your own shiitake mushrooms

Takes 7 to 12 months to produce mushrooms. 

Best for: The gardener/naturalist on your gift list 

Best Gifts for Pet Lovers

36. Personalized Storybook

This personalized storybook tells the story of how your dog saved Christmas. Complete with a likeness of your dog or dogs throughout the book. 

Great for kids ages three and up and adults alike.

Best for: The fur family that loves to read

37. Dog Backpack

Backpacks are great tools for parents of young children. If your gift recipient spends time on the road with their dog, they might appreciate this dog backpack

Comes with collapsible bowls, sustainable food bags, and several compartments. 

Best for: The dog owner that travels with their dog

38. Personalized Wall Frame Kit

This DIY picture frame kit has space for a photo of your gift recipient’s dog and comes with pet-safe impression clay so they can add a paw print to the frame. 

Best for: Fur parents who love adorning their home with their dog’s handiwork

39. BFF Keychain

This adorable dog bone keychain is a great suggestion for dog owners. One half works as a keychain for your gift recipient, while the other works as a dog tag for their dog. 

Made of steel and comes in black or silver.

Best for: The dog lover that considers their dog their BFF

40. Pet Camera

The PetCube Indoor Camera has two-way audio and video, so you can talk with your pet while away from home and see each other. 

The camera comes with sound and motion alerts to quickly see if your pet is acting mischievously and give commands to stop the behavior. 

Securely adheres to any surface, and set up takes roughly 60 seconds.

Best for: The pet owner on the go

Best Health & Fitness Gifts

41. Meal Prep Bag

The Fit and Fresh meal prep bag comes with a water bottle, six storage containers, and an ice pack for keeping foods cool. 

It’s also available in seven different styles. 

Best for: The all-day workout gift recipient

42. The Best Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask water bottle is the elite choice in water bottles. Made of pro-grade stainless steel and double-wall insulation to hold the drink’s temperature for hours.

Choose from a wide array of designs. 

Best for: The serious gym rat

43. Weighted Medicine Ball

This weighted workout medicine ball comes in weights from 4 to 75 pounds to enhance the workout of any level of athlete or aspiring athlete.

The rugged texture makes for easy gripping. Several different designs are available.

Best for: The at-home workout athlete 

44. A Quality Yoga Mat

With over 32,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this yoga/workout mat is extra thick and is made to stand strong during the toughest of workouts. 

Includes a built-in carrying strap. Choose from seven different colors. 

Best for: The yoga lover on your list

45. Ab Roller

Your gift recipient will appreciate having the Vinsguir Ab Roller Workout Wheel once the holidays are finished. 

Target abdominal, back, and hip flexor muscles with an ab wheel made with extra durability for the toughest workouts. 

Best for: The aspiring six-pack achiever

Best Gifts for Car Lovers

46. Car Vacuum Cleaner and Accessories

The ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner has several cleaning accessories and a charging port that hooks up to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port.

The 16-foot cord also provides plenty of space to vacuum large vehicles and boats. Ergonomic design and 106w motor.

Best for: The uber clean car enthusiast

47. Car/Trunk Organizer

The TRUNKCRATEPRO car/trunk organizer features removable dividers, so you can have two, three, or four different compartments. 

The durable materials withstand tough use, and the non-skid bottom is great for transporting spillable items. Collapsible when not in use, comes in a variety of colors. 

Best for: The organized (or in need of organization) car lover

48. Portable Mini Fridge

The Cooluli mini fridge is quiet, energy efficient, and can plug into the car’s DC adapter, the wall, or a USB charging port. 

Bonus: Keep foods warm or cool with this portable mini fridge. Choose from more than five different colors.

Best for: Those who need to eat on-the-go

49. Emergency Road Kit

The Lifeline Premium AAA Road Kit is a 42-piece emergency road kit that comes with jumper cables, a first aid kit, and other features such as:

  • Rain poncho
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Sturdy travel bag

And more. This model is for small or midsize cars or small SUVs. Look at upgraded models for mid-size SUVs or larger vehicles.  

Best for: New drivers or students heading off to college 

50. Car Wash Kit

The Armor All Car Wash Kit comes with a car wash mitt constructed with microfiber noodles, a microfiber drying towel, and a 64-ounce bottle of Armor All’s Wash & Wax cleaner. 

Both the washing mitt and the drying towel are machine washable.

Best for: The car owner that puts extra love into the care of their car

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you’re searching for great gifts for $50 and under, you’ve got plenty of options. If you still need inspiration, check out this list of 30 unique gift ideas or our personal finance holiday gift guide. And if you have any $50 and under gift ideas we’ve missed, please share them in the comments below!

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