Your thanks can help someone else get a raise

We too often tend to only provide feedback when it’s negative. But great customer service deserves a shoutout and you never know how your review could help someone. Customer reviews from surveys can impact people’s ability to get a raise or a bonus at their job. Taking a couple minutes out of your day to respond to a quick survey about a customer service rep could be a small way to significantly help someone else.

  • “I wasn’t a cashier at Michael’s but when I worked there they evaluated the surveys and percentages of rewards sign ups WEEKLY and even more when they did yearly reviews. There were incentive competitions. It might mean 2 minutes to the customer but it can help the employee a ton.”
  • “I just did this yesterday with Verizon! The 3 easy questions only took a min and can be so helpful for the rep.”
  • “I give positive feedback during the call because those are recorded and sometimes listened to simultaneously. I also do the survey and respond accordingly.”
  • “Thank you for this post!! I work in a call center and nothing brightens up my day more than a survey full of great comments from happy clients ❤️”
  • “SO TRUE! Most of those jobs in phone or chat-based customer service means getting yelled at all day. Be nice! It’s always a good choice.”
  • “I missed my flight to Anchorage due to terrible weather. I finally got to Anchorage and was trying to make it to Houston for Christmas. I had reserved my flights for Christmas even and made it a few days earlier. To change my flights again would have cost $300 more. I said thank you but I can’t do that. The sweet agent for United told me to wait and came back 10 minutes later saying I was leaving in 2 hours at no cost. I cried happy tears.”
  • “I actually did that recently and got an email from the store manager thanking me for my kind words!”


Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

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