The 10 Best Flexible Jobs for College Students in 2022

So, you’re at college and want (or need) a job. Maybe the money you saved last summer’s dwindling, there’s a trip you want to go on or books you need to buy.

Whatever the case, you’re faced with a dilemma! With classes to attend, assignments to complete, extracurricular activities to enjoy, and a social calendar that’s bursting at the seams, the traditional 9-to-5 isn’t going to cut it.

Thankfully, the job market’s full of flexible roles that offer untypical hours, require minimal qualifications and pay reasonable wages to boot. Want to find out about the best ones available? Let us help.

Keep reading to discover 10 of the best jobs for college students.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Virtual Assistant
  2. 2. Bartender
  3. 3. Nanny
  4. 4. Dog Walker
  5. 5. Barista
  6. 6. Waiting Tables
  7. 7. Care Work
  8. 8. Sales Associate
  9. 9. Tutor
  10. 10. Receptionist
  11. Conclusion

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is like a personal assistant but for the digital age. It’s also one of the most popular remote work jobs available.

The basic role includes helping people perform computerized tasks, but these can vary considerably depending on the industry and the individual for whom you’re working. Data entry, appointment scheduling, topic research, and social media support are just a few examples of what you might be doing day-to-day.

As for the benefits involved, you can work remotely and often control your own schedule. The average pay is $16.46 per hour.

2. Bartender

Bartending has been and always will be one of the best jobs for college students. A fun role with flexible hours and a very low barrier to entry, you work in busy, energetic environments serving drinks, taking orders, and getting to know the locals.

Alas, with an average hourly rate of $8.93, the basic pay is low. Thankfully, you’ll also take home tips that can skyrocket your earning potential.

3. Nanny

Boasting flexible hours, a sizable wage, and the occasional compelling bonus (such as cash gifts, invitations to attend family vacations, and even room and board), it’s no wonder nanny jobs are in high demand among college students.

The basic role involves looking after children, of course, but your specific duties will depend on their age and how involved the parents want you to be. In any case, the average hourly rate is $15.61 and the work itself can be rewarding.

If childcare is for you, a site like can help you find the right place for you.

4. Dog Walker

This has to be one of the best jobs for college students who adore animals! As a dog walker, you get to hang out with people’s pet pooches for hours at a time, taking them out for walks, and stretching your own legs in the process.

Better still, there are numerous services that make finding clients a breeze. Rover is a popular one that I’ve heard good things about. You can walk dogs at times that fit your schedule and take home $15.16 per hour for your troubles.

5. Barista

Love your morning lattes? If you like the idea of a fast-paced, customer-facing role, why not take that passion and turn it into a living? Being a barista might not be your dream job, but the ability to make a killer cup of coffee is definitely in demand.

Whether you want to work on campus or in town, you’ll find new job openings everywhere – usually with flexible hours that can fit your busy schedule. Alas, the basic pay averages just $11.32 per hour. But, with tips on top, you can still make a good amount of money.

6. Waiting Tables

Similar to life as a barista, working as a waitress or waiter can be busy, stressful, and pay an hourly wage that’s nothing to celebrate. Yet don’t let that put you off! There are definite incentives involved too…

Not only do work in a tight-knit team, but the jobs are readily available, the hours tend to fit well with the typical college routine, and you can earn a reasonable income thanks to the tips people leave. Of course, you’re also learning valuable skills, such as money handling and customer service.

7. Care Work

Students looking for a challenging yet rewarding role could consider getting a job as a caregiver. Whether you work in nursing homes or out in the community, with the elderly or with people with disabilities, you’d be doing everything from changing clothes and doing chores to cooking meals and giving medication.

Caregiver jobs are ubiquitous, accessible, and provide life skills (such as empathy) that you won’t gain anywhere else. The average pay is $12.44 per hour.

8. Sales Associate

Sales associate positions offer college students a host of perks. First and foremost, the work is straightforward! Often based in department stores, your duties include taking payments, greeting customers, organizing inventory, and helping clean up.

The chief benefit’s flexibility though. Both the times and dates you work are usually flexible, which is very useful when you’ve got exams to study for or assignments due soon. These positions pay $11.73 per hour on average, although you can boost your income with bonuses and commissions.

9. Tutor

Tutoring is without a doubt one of the best jobs for college students. You a) decide when you work, b) can do it from anywhere (thanks to online video conferencing platforms like Zoom), c) experience the joy of helping someone learn, and d) receive one of the highest hourly rates on this list.

Indeed, the average pay for a tutor is $18.65 per hour, but that can increase exponentially depending on what you’re teaching, how experienced you are, and how many clients you have.

10. Receptionist

It’s true: receptionist positions that demand traditional 9-to-5 working days are far from ideal for students. However, there are certain domains where those hours don’t apply. Take hotels, for instance, or gyms – many of which are open 24/7.

In these instances, getting a job as a receptionist could be perfect. You’d be able to fit your working hours around school commitments, benefit from various perks (e.g. free or discounted gym access), and earn an average wage of $13.90 per hour.


Are you at school and desperate for a job? Have you been struggling to find anything that fits your busy schedule, interests you, and pays good money?

Well, we hope these ideas on the best jobs for college students have given you some food for thought. Use these options to guide your search and it shouldn’t be long before you find a position that ticks all the right boxes.

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