Bubble Cash Review: Is it Worth Playing?

Phone games offer a fun way to pass the time, with the chance to win real money. Bubble Cash from Papaya Gaming is a fast-paced game where you race against the clock to pop bubbles of a matching color. You must accurately aim your bubble and quickly decide which cluster to pop to get the most points. 

It’s an exciting alternative to traditional casino games like bingo and solitaire, which require speedy reflexes and strategy to post a winning score.

In this Bubble Cash review, I’ll show you how to play and potentially win money, so you can decide if it’s worth the effort.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Bubble Cash?
  2. Who Can Play Bubble Cash?
  3. How Does Bubble Cash Work?
    1. Tutorial Round
    2. Free Practice Rounds
    3. Cash Tournaments
    4. Experience Levels
    5. Daily Reward
    6. Account Funding Options
    7. Entry Fees
    8. Withdrawing Your Winnings
    9. No Ads
    10. In-Game Pauses
  4. Bubble Cash Tips and Tricks
  5. Bubble Cash Pros and Cons
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  6. Is Bubble Cash Legit?
  7. Alternatives to Bubble Cash
    1. Bingo Cash
    2. Solitaire Cash
    3. Blackout Bingo
    4. Pool Payday
    5. Swagbucks
  8. FAQs
  9. Final Thoughts

What Is Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is a classic bubble shooter game from Papaya Gaming Ltd. It was initially released for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and is now available for Android devices too. The game is free to download and offers unlimited free practice rounds and (in most states) cash tournaments.  

This is a skill-based casino game where you decide the shooting trajectory to pop the most bubbles per shot. Your goal is to clear the board before the three-minute timer expires by popping all of the bubbles. More bubbles popped helps you earn more points and keep new lines from appearing on the board. 

Suppose you’re loyal to a particular game developer to avoid gaming scams. In that case, Papaya Gaming also powers Solitaire Cash, which follows the Klondike Solitaire rules with free practice rounds and cash tournaments. 

Bubble Cash App download

Who Can Play Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is free across the United States and several international countries. Its free matches are recommended for ages 17 or older.

Cash tournaments are unavailable in these states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • South Carolina

You must enable your phone’s location services to verify your current spot to participate in real money contests.

How Does Bubble Cash Work?

Below are the basic rules for playing Bubble Cash:

  • Match length: Each match is three minutes. The game ends early if you clear the board or if the bubbles reach the bottom of the board if you don’t pop enough.
  • Winning rewards: The top three scores share the prize pool. Most matches have six competitors.
  • Ready, aim, fire: There are always two bubbles in the queue. It’s possible to swap colors with the one that’s “on deck.” To aim, slide your finger to adjust the dotted trajectory line and release to shoot. You can make straight shots or trick shots.
  • Earning points: You shoot bubbles of different colors (you can alternate colors). Aim your shot and try to hit a cluster with at least three of the same color. Bubbles with a different color earn bonus points if they are part of the cluster.
  • Missed shot penalty: New bubble rows appear after three shots without earning points. Not popping bubbles won’t cause you to lose points, such as tapping the wrong number in a bingo game.
  • Clear board bonus: You will receive bonus points if you clear the board. In addition, you can earn bonus rewards for every second of remaining time. For transparency, you won’t clear the board in most matches.
Bubble Cash How To Play

Tutorial Round

After downloading the app and creating a free account, you can play a tutorial game to learn the basics. Unlike most games, the tutorial is significantly easier than the actual competitions unless you’re a highly-skilled player.

For example, in the tutorial, you will most likely clear the board, something that won’t happen that often when you’re competing for digital gems or real cash.

Bubble Cash Pop Bubbles

Free Practice Rounds

Before entering cash tournaments, try several practice rounds to try different strategies. For example, you may strategically place bubbles that are missed shots under a cluster that will fall once you get a matching color.

These practice sessions are also an excellent time to perform different trick shots. For example, bouncing your bubble off the side is necessary to angle your trajectory and burst clusters in the upper rows.

After trying a few trick shots myself, I felt like an MVP football quarterback throwing into double or triple coverage, avoiding an interception.

Cash Tournaments

Adults in most states can play for cash after linking a funding account. There are in-app promotions to earn bonus cash that reduce the real-world money that you must contribute toward the entry fees.

Bubble Cash Tournaments

Experience Levels

Whether or not you win a match, each completed tourney earns experience (XP) points that help you climb to higher experience levels. You receive bonus gems for each experience level achievement.

As you level up, new tournaments with higher prize pools (and more expensive entry fees) become available. You can also participate in freeroll mini-games to receive bonus gems and cash that you can redeem for entry fees.

Daily Reward

Opening the app at least once a day lets you collect a daily reward of either bonus gems or bonus cash. Your prize will depend on the day and becomes more valuable on each consecutive day.

Most casino games have similar rewards programs to encourage frequent gameplay and to keep your earning momentum going. 

In addition to collecting a daily reward, you can collect a daily gift of bonus points by tapping a button that unlocks once during a rolling 24-hour period. You can also watch a short video, invite friends, and enter promo codes to earn bonus rewards outside of tournaments.

Bubble Cash Double Reward

Account Funding Options

Gamers at least 18 years old can deposit money by PayPal or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, or Visa). 

You can deposit as little as $3 per transaction, although higher transfer amounts include a cash bonus that you can use for cash tournament entry fees. Further, you receive 20 gems for every $1 deposited. Depending on the tournament, you must contribute gems, cash, or both.

Bubble cash account funding

Entry Fees

Most Bubble Cash real money tournaments have an entry fee from $1 to $15. Practice rounds only require 20 gems.

The prize pool is more valuable for pricier tournaments. Here is an example of how much you can win based on the entry fee amount:

  • $1 entry fee: $2.20 (1st place), $1.40 (2nd), $0.80 (3rd)
  • $3 entry fee: $4 (1st), $2.50 (2nd), $1.50 (3rd)
  • $15 entry fee: $55 (1st), $40 (2nd), $20 (3rd)

Some high-dollar tournaments may also offer a payout to the fourth-place finisher when there are many players. 

High rollers can win up to $500 in the most rewarding tournaments. However, these high-stakes opportunities are only available to players with ultra-high experience levels.

Bubble Cash Prize Pool

Withdrawing Your Winnings

There isn’t a redemption minimum, but a $1 withdrawal fee applies. You can withdraw your earnings to a linked PayPal account, and the average transfer speed is anywhere from two to 14 days.

This transfer time is similar to most rewards games as the platform may verify that no fraud or cheating occurs. Additionally, a withdrawal request forfeits any current bonus cash in your account, so consider entering tournaments to use it up and potentially win more money first.

To be clear, winning every round isn’t going to happen, but you can win real money in the cash tournaments when you live in an eligible state. 

In addition, Bubble Cash isn’t part of the Skillz network like many casino games. You’re only able to win money in cash tournaments. Any in-game currency, like gems or bonus cash, cannot be exchanged for physical rewards like Skillz tickets can.

Learn More: Games that Pay Instantly to Cash App 

No Ads

This is an ad-free gaming experience, although there are plenty of prompts between games to fund your account to receive bonus cash. If you’re only planning on playing for free, these solicitations can get annoying but the delay before starting your next round is minimal. 

In-Game Pauses

Since this isn’t a turn-based game, you can pause mid-match if you need to respond to a text message or have a brief conversation with somebody else in your household. You have approximately 12 minutes to complete the round after you begin.

Bubble Cash Tips and Tricks

While there are no cheat codes or secret hacks to win effortlessly, these pointers can help you score higher and win a share of prize pool more often. 

  • Aim high: When possible, target the upper rows as you’re more likely to cause bubbles in lower rows to fall, even if they’re a different color. Of course, you will get bonus points for getting the low-hanging fruit as well. 
  • Bank shots: Don’t approach every cluster directly. Instead, consider bouncing bubbles off the side wall to angle your trajectory. Popping groups in the upper rows or down narrow passages improves your efficiency.
  • Drop bubbles: Aim your shots to get a cluster that will cause bubbles of a different color to drop. For example, popped bubbles may only earn 10 points but dropped bubbles can earn 100 points each.
  • Make missed shots count: Every shot that doesn’t pop a cluster puts you closer to adding another row to the board. For example, instead of throwing away a bubble, place it under a solid row of one color. When you pop this cluster, your missed shot falls, too, and you scoop up points. Making your own cluster is also smart.
  • Speed is key: You need to be fast yet accurate. Getting more shots off can help you get the colors you’re waiting for to finally clear more of the board and score lots of points.
  • Switch bubbles: By default, the game automatically shoots the bubble at the top of the circle when you aim. Tapping the circle takes slightly more time but switches the bubble to the one in waiting. Usually, the alternate one is a different color, and it can be better to launch it first to score more points overall.
  • Target large clusters: Bubbles only pop once you shoot a group of three with the same color. Pop the largest accessible grouping, as you will earn more points and have more free space.  

Bubble Cash Pros and Cons

After spending time playing Bubble Cash, here is my list of pros and cons:


  • Free practice rounds
  • Can win real cash
  • Fast-paced rounds with easy rules
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • No ads


  • Can be challenging to win consistently
  • Cash tournaments are not available in six states
  • Can take up to 14 days to withdraw winnings
  • Cannot redeem gems for real-world prizes
  • $1 withdrawal fee

Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Yes, Bubble Cash is legit if you like bubble shooter games with unlimited, free practice rounds. The cash tournaments can win real money, but it’s challenging to make money consistently unless you’re highly skilled. The win rate may not be as high as other games, and you should consider other side hustles with more consistent income.

Alternatives to Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is fun and addicting, but it’s not the only fun game you can play on your phone. You may find it easier to win more often by playing the following games.

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is an online skill-based bingo game by Papaya Gaming where you can win cash prizes for beating out folks to reaching a bingo. If you like Bingo, you should check out this free app because it’ll scratch that itch to grab that dauber.

Read our Bingo Cash review for more.

Solitaire Cash

Also produced by Papaya Gaming, Solitaire Cash is a fast-paced game where you try to sort the cards by suit before time expires. You can participate in free practice rounds and cash tournaments. 

Read our Solitaire Cash review for more.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is an easy yet fast-paced bingo game where you try to daub your squares quickly, with the help of powerups. You can hone your skills with unlimited practice rounds before jumping into cash tournaments.

It’s one of the best free bingo games, as you can redeem Skillz tickets for real-world prizes. Admittedly, these rewards take a long time, so it’s to play this game for entertainment purposes only.

Read our Blackout Bingo review for more.

Pool Payday

Consider Pool Payday if you enjoy billiards-style games to win money or play for free. In turn-based fashion, you can play against another person in a traditional 8-Ball Pool (sink solids or stripes) or Trick Shot Pool (earn bonuses by sinking a specific pocket).

Read our Pool Payday review for more.


Swagbucks can be your best option when you want to make money without making in-game purchases, although some offers can require spending money. This rewards site can also be more likely to pay as you receive a guaranteed payout after reaching specified in-game levels. 

You can earn rewards from many of the newest games across multiple genres like arcade, casino, puzzle, RPG, and strategy. Other ways to earn points include surveys, shopping, and product offers when you tire of playing games.

Read our Swagbucks review for more.


Can you win real money on Bubble Cash?

Yes, it’s possible to win PayPal cash by participating in cash tournaments. Entry fees start at $1 and the three best scores share the prize pool in most competitions. You can redeem your winnings through PayPal. 

Is Bubble Cash free to play?

You can play unlimited Bubble Cash practice rounds for free. Choose the Gem Factory option in the in-app game lobby. Unfortunately, the free games don’t provide a chance to win real money. 

Is Bubble Cash rigged?

The game isn’t rigged, as you are matched against competitors with a similar experience level. There are also many testimonials of prize redemptions. However, the user reviews indicate that winning lots of money is challenging unless you’re a highly-skilled player.

Is Bubble Cash considered gambling?

Some may declare Bubble Cash to be gambling as consistently winning cash tournaments is difficult for most players. In addition, the Apple App Store assigns a gambling warning and an age rating of 17 years or older.  

To keep tournaments fair and fun, the app matches you against players with a similar experience level for a skill-based competition which reduces the gambling element accompanying games of chance like slots or roulette. As a reminder, you can always play for free if you don’t want to risk money you don’t want to lose.

Final Thoughts

Bubble Cash is a fun game to play in your free time and is a change of scenery from the more prevalent bingo and card games. If you’re really good and consistently win the practice rounds, consider participating in cash tournaments. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to install the app and create an avatar. Have fun with several practice tournaments. You will quickly learn how to play the game and will be striving to improve your skills with each new round.

Bubble Cash


  • Free practice rounds
  • Can win real cash
  • Fast-paced rounds with easy rules
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • No ads


  • Can be challenging to win consistently
  • Cash tournaments are not available in six states
  • Can take up to 14 days to withdraw winnings
  • Cannot redeem gems for real-world prizes
  • $1 withdrawal fee

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