50 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Struggling to find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? Deciding what to buy can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping on a budget.

To help, I’ve put together the following list of Mother’s Day gifts. The list is separated into five themes: fitness, kitchen, tech, personal, and self-care, and each item can be had for under $100.

There’s something here for every type of mom, so I encourage you to search for the gifts that best fit the moms in your life.

Table of Contents
  1. Best Mother’s Day Self-Care Gifts
    1. 1. Foot Massager With Heat
    2. 2. Gel Nail Polish Kit
    3. 3. Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad
    4. 4. Beloved Bath Gift Set
    5. 5. Air Purifier
    6. 6. Weighted Blanket
    7. 7. Luxury Bath Caddy
    8. 8. Essential Oil Diffuser
    9. 9. Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask
    10. 10. Shower Steamers
  2. Best Mother’s Day Fitness Gifts
    1. 11. A Smartwatch
    2. 12. Yoga Pants
    3. 13. Home Workout Equipment Set
    4. 14. Fitness Journal
    5. 15. Double-Layer Fitness Shorts
    6. 16. Multi-Pack Dry-Fit T-Shirts
    7. 17. YETI Rambler 26 oz. Water Bottle
    8. 18. Wrist and Ankle Weights
    9. 19. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat
    10. 20. Everlast Training Gloves
  3. Best Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts
    1. 21. Personal Blender
    2. 22. Cooking Spoons and Apron Set
    3. 23. Veggie Chopper/Slicer
    4. 24. Indoor S’mores Maker
    5. 25. Charcuterie Board with Knife Set
    6. 26. Portable Espresso Maker
    7. 27. Rustic Cookbook Holder
    8. 28. Rapid Egg Cooker
    9. 29. Bamboo Cutting Board Set
    10. 30. Tea Forte Organic Wellness Tea Sampler Box
  4. Best Mother’s Day Tech Gifts
    1. 31. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
    2. 32. Roku Streaming Stick 4k
    3. 33. Bluelight Blocking Glasses
    4. 34. Levitating Moon Lamp
    5. 35. Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera 4-Pack
    6. 36. Customizable Phone Case/Cover
    7. 37. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
    8. 38. Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Light
    9. 39. 3-in-1 Apple Wireless Charging Station
    10. 40. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone
  5. Best Mother’s Day Personal Gifts
    1. 41. Personalized Bar Tag Necklace
    2. 42. A Best Mom Ever Tumbler/Mug
    3. 43. Personalized Mother’s Birthstone Bracelet
    4. 44. Sentimental Mom Blanket
    5. 45. Women’s Tunic Hoodie
    6. 46. LL Bean Women’s Wicked Good Slippers
    7. 47. Women’s Work/Gardening Gloves
    8. 48. Beach Sun Straw Hat
    9. 49. Jewelry Organizer Stand
    10. 50. Chocolate Gift Basket
  6. Final Thoughts

Best Mother’s Day Self-Care Gifts

Choose one of these gift ideas if you want to give your gift recipient some extra pampering this Mother’s Day.

The Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat is an Amazon’s choice foot massager that doesn’t use water as many other foot massagers do. It has six heads with 54 rotating massager nodes and is portable and easy to operate, so mom can use it at home or at work. 

2. Gel Nail Polish Kit

The JODSONE Gel Nail Polish kit makes it easy for moms to do gel polish at home. The kit comes with 32 gel polish colors. It also comes with a full manicure set and a UV light for faster curing. You can choose from several different color themes.

3. Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

This Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad helps reduce neck and shoulder pain and encourages relaxation. It’s made of soft material, is machine washable (after you remove the controller, but do not tumble try), and includes 9 different heat settings and 11 different timer settings. 

4. Beloved Bath Gift Set

Beloved Bath creates bath products and gift sets with quality ingredients. For example, the company’s Serenity Gift Set comes with Serenity bath salts, lavender soap, lotion, and a lavender candle.

Even better, Beloved Bath is on a mission to support people and families affected by autism. They do this by supporting their own Beloved Bath charitable foundation, which helps people affected by autism, and by working to employ people struggling with autism. 

5. Air Purifier

The AROEVE air purifier uses an H13 HEPA filter to purify rooms up to 215 square feet. The H13 HEPA filters out smoke, pet dander, pollen, and more. Larger models are available while keeping you under that $100 price. You can choose from three different colors. 

6. Weighted Blanket

The Luna Premium Quality Weighted Blanket comes in a variety of weights, sizes, and colors. It features a quilted design to hold glass beads in place. The blanket is made of 100% Oeko-Tek-certified breathable cotton and is machine washable. 

7. Luxury Bath Caddy

The Bambusi Luxury Bath Caddy is made of bamboo and expands to over 41 inches long. Use it to hold your phone, a candle, soap, and more as you soak in the tub. It’s non-slip, waterproof, and comes in several colors. The caddy can work on tub edges as narrow as 1.5 inches. 

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

The ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser comes with an easy-to-clean water tank, and 7 LED light option colors. Choose from 60/120/180-minute timers and use the accompanying remote control for convenient operation. 

9. Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask

The Ebanel 15-Pack Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask instantly brightens, firms, and moisturizes. It’s made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe, and chamomile and is suitable for all skin types. The mask is hypoallergenic and not tested on animals.

10. Shower Steamers

Body Restore Shower Steamers can be used in the shower to help wash away stress. They’re fragranced with essential oils. They’re also paraben free and not tested on animals. Several different scents are available.

Best Mother’s Day Fitness Gifts

To support mom’s fitness journey, here are some excellent fitness gift ideas for under $100. 

11. A Smartwatch

The Octandra Move VeryFitPro fitness watch monitors sleep quantity and quality, heart rate, keeps track of steps, and monitors distance and pace. It even has a calorie counter. It’s made to withstand dust, dirt, sand, and water immersion up to 5 feet. 

12. Yoga Pants

These high-waisted yoga pants are from the GYM PEOPLE. The polyamide/spandex material is breathable and thick enough to avoid see-through. Tummy control ensures the pants stay up as they should. They are comfortable, slimming, and available in dozens of colors and designs. Side pockets are included.

13. Home Workout Equipment Set

The LIGLAM home workout equipment set is a compact set of gym equipment pieces that can be easily stored in any size home or apartment. It includes a push-up stand with handles, resistance bands, a pilates bar, strength training equipment, and more, allowing you to exercise both the upper and lower body in a small space.

14. Fitness Journal

The Kunitsa Co. Fitness Journal for Women is designed to track workouts, meals, and weight loss journeys. There are spaces to record your measurements and talk as little or as much as you want about how your daily workout went. The journal is undated, so you can start any time of the year. It’s made with premium quality paper and wire-o binding.

15. Double-Layer Fitness Shorts

The RIBOOM double-layer fitness shorts work well for runners, yogis, and other fitness aficionados. The spandex short underneath provides support and free movement. The athletic short on top gives you coverage and style. The shorts come in several colors and are machine washable.

16. Multi-Pack Dry-Fit T-Shirts

The Xelky Multi-Pack of dry-fit t-shirts comes in either a three or four-pack, depending on the designs/colors you choose. The shirts are made of a cotton/poly/spandex mix for comfort and holding shape well. Machine wash and dry. 

17. YETI Rambler 26 oz. Water Bottle

YETI’s 26 oz. Rambler water bottle is made of stainless steel and is lightweight. It’s double-walled and vacuum insulated for both hot and cold drinks. It comes with a chug cap for faster consumption.

18. Wrist and Ankle Weights

The Bala Bangles set of two adjustable wrist/ankle weights allows you to add weight to your fitness routine, but they’re stylish enough to wear while you’re out and about. Choose between a 1-pound set and a 2-pound set, and eight different colors.

19. HemingWeigh Yoga Mat

The HemingWeigh yoga mat is one inch thick and made with high-density, anti-tear premium foam material. It’s built for tough workouts and straps together easily for travel and portability. The mat is eco-friendly and easy to clean. 

20. Everlast Training Gloves

Help mom release stress and build arm, back, and core strength with the Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves. The gloves are constructed with premium synthetic leather for durability and advanced wrist protection and are both fashionable and functional. Several sizes and colors are available. 

Best Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts

Does your Mom love spending time in the kitchen? If so, check out these great gift ideas.

21. Personal Blender

While nutribullet has a few blender options for under $100, the nutribullet Personal Blender has been my go-to daily-use blender for over five years. It’s easy to use and is sturdy enough to withstand messy overflows. And it’s compact enough that it will fit in smaller cupboard spaces. Perfect for that daily morning fruit smoothie.

22. Cooking Spoons and Apron Set

Pick up this wooden cooking spoons and apron set, and your Mom will know how special she is to you. The six-piece set includes five utensils, which are made from bamboo, and one apron. The apron is machine washable on cold and can be tumbled dry on low. The neutral color fits any kitchen décor theme. 

23. Veggie Chopper/Slicer

The Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1, 8-blade vegetable chopper has a variety of functions. It can chop, slice, dice, grate, and mince just about any veggie. Dice small or large, julienne, and more. The chopper comes with a sealable food container. Dishwasher safe and compact-sized for easy storage. A great addition to any kitchen.

24. Indoor S’mores Maker

The Kusini Indoor Tabletop S’mores Maker is perfect for roasting marshmallows when outdoor bonfires aren’t an option. Its flameless, electric roaster allows you to get your marshmallows just right without risking a fire in the house. It comes with four detachable trays and roasting forks.

25. Charcuterie Board with Knife Set

This 16-inch charcuterie board with a knife set is a great gift for the mom that loves to entertain. The board is made of bamboo and won’t absorb odors or leave stains. It comes with four serving knives and four serving forks that are conveniently stored in the board’s pull-out drawer. Clean-up is simple; wipe with a damp cloth, and add lemon juice or vinegar for extra cleaning power.  

26. Portable Espresso Maker

The WACACO portable espresso maker helps you make coffee, espresso, and more on the go. It’s a manual espresso maker. Use cold water for cold coffee, or supply hot water for hot. Small and lightweight for hiking trips and other on-the-go activities. 

27. Rustic Cookbook Holder

This industrial/rustic cookbook holder by MyGift is designed with a metal pipe and burnt brown wood. The compact design is sturdy and strong but doesn’t take up much room. Some assembly is required. 

28. Rapid Egg Cooker

The DASH rapid egg cooker can hard-boil, poach and scramble eggs much faster than they’ll cook on a stovetop. You can even make omelets with this gadget. Cook perfect eggs every time, and choose from a variety of colors.

29. Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The organic bamboo cutting board set from the Greener Chef Store comes with three different-sized boards: a small, medium, and an extra large board. Use the board to cut, chop, and dice or as a charcuterie board. Lifetime replacements are included with the set, which is made of eco-friendly bamboo.

30. Tea Forte Organic Wellness Tea Sampler Box

The Tea Forte Organic Wellness Tea Sampler box set includes ten assorted tea bag infusers. These wellness-geared teas promote a variety of health benefits, and the flavors are given interesting names, like Serenity, Invigorate, Purify, Defense, and more. You can choose other flavors as well. 

Best Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

Tech gifts aren’t just for dads. Here is a list of gadgets your mom is sure to love.

31. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is small and compact but offers big sound. The battery provides 13 hours of listening pleasure, and the speaker is dust and water-proof. The 360-degree sound will keep Mom jammin’ throughout the house.

32. Roku Streaming Stick 4k

The Roku Streaming Stick 4k is perfect for the mom who loves binge-watching her favorite shows. Even my non-techy 78-year-old mom loves her Roku streaming stick. This version boasts a super fast startup, a simple set up, and a breathtaking picture. Alexa is required to use the stick, but even with an Alexa purchase, it still comes in at under $100.

33. Bluelight Blocking Glasses

The IBOANN 3-pack of bluelight blocking glasses is perfect for the mom who wants to protect her eyes from the effects of device screens. There are a wide variety of color choices available in a stylish design, and the glasses are on Amazon’s bestseller list. 

34. Levitating Moon Lamp

The Ruxinda Levitating Moon Lamp helps you light up the indoors with an outdoors vibe. It comes with three different color modes and is perfect for the home or the office. At roughly 5x5x7 inches, it’s sized correctly for most rooms. And the soft light color modes make it ideal to use as a nightlight as well.

35. Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera 4-Pack

The ZOSI Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera 4-pack allows for 80 ft. night vision and is weatherproof as well. Note that you need to have a DVR in order to use the camera system. 

36. Customizable Phone Case/Cover

Here’s an idea: Get Mom a customizable phone case/cover with pictures of her favorite people. They are available from a wide array of sellers and for nearly all phone makes/models. Choose from covers that allow for one large photo or several smaller photos.  

37. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This Bluetooth shower speaker from the OYIB store features 360 HD surround sound, a built-in mic, a suction cup, and a colorful light show display. It comes with a built-in hook for hanging on shampoo caddies and can float in a pool or bathtub.

38. Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Light

This motion sensor toilet bowl light from Chunace is great for sneaking into the bathroom without waking the littles. It detects motion within five feet and lights up to show you the way. Choose from five different brightness levels and sixteen different LED colors. Comes with a 12-month warranty. 

39. 3-in-1 Apple Wireless Charging Station

This 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for Apple devices allows mom to charge her iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. You can even watch shows on your phone or Facetime while it’s on the charging station. 

40. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone connects with a singing app on mom’s phone to provide hours of crooning. You can adjust the microphone’s echo, volume, and more. Choose from over a dozen different colors. 

Best Mother’s Day Personal Gifts

The next ten gifts on our list are personal items mom can use every day. I tried to include gift ideas that are unique enough to please any Mom.

41. Personalized Bar Tag Necklace

personalized gold necklaces against a white background

This personalized bar tag necklace on Etsy comes with up to five bar tags that can be personalized with kids’ names and with symbols. You can choose from gold, silver, or rose gold and from a variety of chain lengths. The lightweight, minimalist style makes it wearable for every day and with any outfit.

42. A Best Mom Ever Tumbler/Mug

The Best Mom Ever coffee mug/tumbler is a 20-ounce tumbler that comes with a bracelet as well. It keeps hot drinks hot for up to nine hours and cold drinks cold for up to twelve hours. There are six different designs to choose from. Other designs come with extras, such as keychains. The mugs are hand-wash only. 

43. Personalized Mother’s Birthstone Bracelet

mothers birthstone bracelet

Also on Etsy, this personalized mother’s birthstone bracelet is available in an array of sizes to fit any wrist. In addition, you can get up to seven crystals on the bracelet. As of this writing, this Etsy seller provides free shipping throughout the United States as well.  

44. Sentimental Mom Blanket

This sentimental sherpa mom blanket is filled with thoughtful, encouraging words for Mom. It’s 60×50 inches in size and comes in five different colors. There are two designs to choose from: a 320gsm single-layer microfleece or a 460gsm two-layer microfleece with sherpa backing. To clean, machine wash and tumble dry low.

45. Women’s Tunic Hoodie

The onlypuff women’s tunic/hoodie is an upscale alternative to the traditional hoodie. It’s made of a comfortable poly/cotton blend that holds its shape well and won’t fade. A variety of casual and dressier designs make it wearable at home and for casual days at the office. You can hand or machine wash, and hang to dry. 

46. LL Bean Women’s Wicked Good Slippers

LL Bean’s Wicked Good Slippers for women are made of suede and shearling and have memory foam insoles. The molded rubber sole makes for safe treading, and you can choose from a few different colors. 

47. Women’s Work/Gardening Gloves

These Wells Lamont Women’s hybrid work/gardening gloves are made of spandex, neoprene, and leather for durability and comfort. They’re water-resistant and come with reinforced fingertips and adjustable wrist straps.  

48. Beach Sun Straw Hat

The Furtalk women’s beach sun straw hat helps keep mom’s face safe from damaging sun rays. Foldable and packable, they come in two different sizes. The inner velcro strap provides for further adjustment if need be. The had is offered in a variety of colors. 

49. Jewelry Organizer Stand

The Procase Jewelry Organizer Stand comes with space to hold necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, and other personal items. The organizer is sturdy and features a padded bottom to protect surfaces. 

50. Chocolate Gift Basket

The Bonnie and Pop Chocolate Gift Basket is Kosher diet-friendly and includes 33 ounces of toffees, chocolates, caramels, pretzels, and other goodies. There are four different boxes to choose from.  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of gift ideas for you to choose from this Mother’s Day. How about Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered there, too. Here are 50 Father’s Day gift ideas, also under $100. Lastly, if you’re shopping on a smaller budget, check out our list of gift ideas for under $50.

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