How To Navigate Awkward Money Situations

Awkward money situations are a fact of life. They’re going to come up, so it’s best to be prepared. Today, we’ll examine two specific situations that I bet you’ve dealt with before. But first, I want to share one of the greatest ways to address any awkward money moment.  It’s a take on the classic … Read more

The 5 Types Of Spenders: Which Are You?

Spending money and accumulating material things can be addictive. In fact, you can even experience a dopamine release in your brain, giving you a natural high, from the mere anticipation of buying something you want. Wanting to get that next hit of the good feels can mean using justifications for why you “need” to make … Read more

How To Handle Money In 3 Different Relationships

We are engaged in so many different financial relationships in our lives. Roommates, friends, romantic partners, so today, let’s talk about some of the best strategies for navigating those different money moments.  Handling money with your roommate A roommate should be a financial help not a burden. After all, it’s someone with whom you can … Read more

3 Budget Strategies For Different Personality Types

You’ve asked for budgeting tips. There isn’t one budget to rule them all, so instead let’s dig into three styles that are helpful for different personality types. Watch video or read more below! #1 Tracking Every Penny for when you’re so forgetful that you’re just not sure where your money goes Tracking Every Penny, or … Read more