HoneyBricks Review: Tokenized Real Estate for Accredited Investors

There are several ways to invest in crowdfunded real estate with $1,000 and get exposure to properties previously exclusive to wealthy investors. But a new platform adds transparency and simplicity to the investment process through tokenized real estate. Eligible accredited investors can utilize HoneyBricks to invest in real estate using security tokens. But how does tokenized … Read more

What Is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund can be one of the easiest ways to invest, as it gives you exposure to hundreds or even thousands of underlying stocks and bonds, even if you only have small amounts to invest. Most people can invest in mutual funds through a workplace retirement plan such as a 401k or a Thrift … Read more

How To Navigate Awkward Money Situations

Awkward money situations are a fact of life. They’re going to come up, so it’s best to be prepared. Today, we’ll examine two specific situations that I bet you’ve dealt with before. But first, I want to share one of the greatest ways to address any awkward money moment.  It’s a take on the classic … Read more

The 5 Types Of Spenders: Which Are You?

Spending money and accumulating material things can be addictive. In fact, you can even experience a dopamine release in your brain, giving you a natural high, from the mere anticipation of buying something you want. Wanting to get that next hit of the good feels can mean using justifications for why you “need” to make … Read more